Run your own business without the hassle of stocking, pricing and shipping hair! Join Now!

How it works:

Direct your customers to buy Weave Wonderful Extensions through your very own URL!

Earn 15% of each unit sold (excluding shipping)!

Get paid weekly, through your Paypal Account.

Unlimited inventory, never worry about stock.

Shipping is handled by our stocking warehouse.

Perfect for Stylists, but no cosmetology license required.

High quality virgin hair and best local pricing.

Who can join?

Anyone can become an affiliate! The affiliates who are most successful are driven, ambitious, and love hair! If you are already speaking on “all things hair”, why not get paid to do it? Simply spread the word about your line of extensions to anyone you meet, and you will quickly promote the brand and boost your sales. There are no sales minimums, but the more you sell the more you make! Once you register on our website, a URL link will be sent to you. This link will be the site that you share with your customers to grow your online business. All links are unique and belong to the person who registers through the sight. Sign up today to begin selling!

How much can you earn?

Affiliates earn 15% of each sale, excluding the cost of shipping.

You can easily earn $1000 per month with minimal effort! This is equivalent to selling hair to 5 people per week. Challenge yourself to make this your STARTING goal, because the sky is really the limit!

How are you paid?

You must have a PaypPal Account. This is the only way to be paid. Affiliates are paid every Friday by the end of the business day for all sales made the previous Friday – Thursdays. You can monitor your sales and earnings through the back office with your user name and password.

How can I sample the hair?

We don’t provide free samples, however each type of hair has been tested by our Quality Assurance team. Each line of hair has been through a straightening, curling and coloring process – and we can attest to the quality. However, we strongly suggest that you purchase the hair for yourself and have it installed. Once you wear the brand, we know you will fall in love. The price and quality are unmatched. Wearing the hair is the best way to sell the hair and become confident with the product.

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